Cool things in the books!

We like to celebrate small victories here at Stain Fu, so what better way to express my excitement than a blog post?!

Small victories are just as important as the small ones. The small ones are the steps that lead to the big victories, so why not celebrate!

You may have seen our Facebook status the other day about our Trademark finally being approved. Pro-tip: if you ever need one, it’s a long process, so try to apply ASAP. But our patience has been rewarded and now we are officially trademarked!

And since we are now official, Amazon has now allowed us to make our listing look way better (i.e. posting more pictures and content!) So check it out if you haven’t seen it in a while.

Every now and then we will Google our name just to see what pops up. We were pleasantly surprised to see several people such as Reviewed namedropping Stain Fu as a wonderful stain and odor remover. Because we are so passionate about Stain Fu, we feel all warm and fuzzy when other people see how amazing it is.

Lastly, we’ve been working with other content creators and bloggers, which means cool amazing things are coming! (such as The Penny Darling blog)

Building a brand takes a bit of time, a dash of patience, and a sprinkle of optimism. We’re going to continue what we do best, so be sure to keep up with the Stain Fu adventure on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and this blog!

Stay amazing!


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