Meet Team Stain Fu

It’s Like Magic in a Bottle!

The Stain Fu Story

As a 3-generation family-owned cleaning business, we have witnessed first-hand the problems with bad stain removers.

Many of these cleaning products are unsafe for FurBabies and their FurParents and Family, leave a soil-attracting residue, make the stain worse, and simply don’t work.

There wasn’t a product on the market that we could recommend, so we created our own! Since we needed to make sure it was the absolute BEST stain remover, we made sure it met the following requirements:

♦ Safe for pets, people, and our planet
♦ No sticky residues
♦ No harsh perfumes or chemicals
♦ Works on hundreds of stains and all water-safe surfaces
♦ Fast and effective

Thus Stain Fu was born!

Meet the Stain Fu Crew!

Scott Fu

Scott Fu


 The man with the plan!

Quirky Facts!

  • Nickname is “Scooter”
  • Air Force veteran
  • Met his wife Sunny in Korea while stationed in South Korea
  • An Internet wizard
  • Loves traveling and sight seeing
  • A serious history and science buff
  • Raised backyard organic free range no soy fed chickens
  • A Pinckney, MI grad
  • Enjoys walking/hiking trails
  • Eric’s brother
Jackie Fu

Jackie Fu


Social media and marketing maven!

Quirky Facts!

  • An Eastern Michigan University grad (and Howell, MI)
  • Half Korean
  • Scott and Sunny’s Daughter, Eric’s Niece
  • Had a pet hedgehog named Oliver
  • Enjoys gaming
  • Played clarinet in high school and was first chair
  • Played piano for over 10 years
  • Loves traveling and experiencing other cultures
  • Furthest traveled: New Zealand
  • Married to Justin
Sunny Fu

Sunny Fu


The researcher and teacher!

Quirky Facts!

  • Native of South Korea
  • Naturalized US citizen
  • Jackie’s Mom, Justin’s mother-in-law, Eric’s sister-in-law
  • Has a distinct sense of style
  • Loves hot food
  • Enjoys traveling and hiking
  • Scared of snakes
  • Really good at handball
  • Married to Scott
Eric Fu

Eric Fu

Stain Master

“Stain removal is
my forte!”

Quirky Facts!

  • Animal lover/whisperer
  • Likes to wear crazy hats
  • Used to have really long hair
  • Enjoys going to concerts- recent one was A Perfect Circle
  • Likes to McGyver things to fix them
  • Is super tall
  • Likes camping, kayaking/canoeing
  • A Pinckney, MI grad
  • Scott’s brother
Justin Fu

Justin Fu

Spot Master

“I can clean spots off a dalmation!”

Quirky Facts!

  • An Eagle Scout
  • Loves the Green Bay Packers
  • His favorite hobby is brewing beer and drinking it
  • Has great hair
  • Took ballet and played football in high school
  • Huge History buff
  • Enjoys fantasy books and audiobooks
  • From Hell, MI and also a Pinckney, MI grad
  • Furthest traveled: New Zealand
  • Married to Jackie


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