Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Stain Fu?

Stain Fu is a professional carpet stain and odor remover used to safely and quickly remove hundreds of different kinds of spots and stains from carpet. Stains like pee-pee, poo-poo, slobber, vomit, hairballs, coffee stains, red wine, blood, and many more organic stains and odors.

Who are you?

We are a small family cleaning business with 3o+ year professional carpet, upholstery, tile, and rug cleaning experience located in Michigan.

Why choose Stain Fu?

As a small family cleaning business, we have had to deal with crummy stain cleaners our clients used on their carpets. Many  stain cleaners leave a residue, bleach the carpet, have an overpowering chemical smell, and make the stain worse. Since there wasn’t a product we could recommend, we decided to create our own! We had to make sure it met the following:

  • SAFE for people, pets, and the planet
  • NO sticky residues
  • NO overpowering smell
  • Actually WORKS! On multiple stains and surfaces

Thus Stain Fu was born!  (And why it is awesome!)

Some other cool things about Stain Fu:

  • Biodegradable
  • No use of enzymes
  • Certified by the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute)
  • Made in the ‘ol U.S. of A.
  • Panel of stain cleaning experts with unmatched tech support for tough stains
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!
Can Stain Fu remove ______ (fill in the blank)?

Stain Fu is a water-based cleaning product that is designed to break down stains, spots and odors by adding oxygen with special cleaning penetrants. It is ideal for use on all organic spills and stains like poo poo, pee pee, slobber, spew, red wine, coffee, and other food and drink oopsies. Stain Fu also works well on light oil and grease spots and stains.

Is there anything Stain Fu doesn't work on?

You can effectively use Stain Fu on just about any stain or odor, but it works best on pet (and human) accidents, food and drink spills, tracked-in soil, kennel odors, etc.

Are there any materials I should not use Stain Fu on?

Stain Fu is a powerful and safe carpet spot cleaner designed for use on any color and water-safe materials. Stain Fu also works great on other items like upholstery, area rugs, and even clothing. Always read and follow the label directions and avoid using on non-colorsafe materials, leather and sensitive natural fibers.

I have a question. How can I reach you?

Feel free to visit our Contact Us Page. Please be sure to describe your question the best that you can so that we may assist you better. We’re also social media nuts and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

How do you pronounce "Stain Fu"?

Simple answer – any way you’d like! Longer answer: “Fu” (pronounced like ‘Kung “Fu”‘) means “magical” or “mystical” in some cultures. Therefore we decided to spell it this way, rather than “Foo”, as in part of a fluffy animal’s name like “Foo Foo”.

Some of our customers prefer to pronounce it “Stain Eff You”, which is totally fine by us since we don’t like stains either.

Where can I buy Stain Fu?

Choose from the links below:

Ed Bock Feeds and Stuff – Pinckney, Michigan | Ph: (734) 878-3092

Classic Carpet & Floor Covering – Howell, Michigan | Ph: (517) 546-0001

Earthwise Pet – South Lyon, Michigan | Ph: (248) 264-6018


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