We here at Stain Fu deal with a lot of crap – removing it, that is! So it’s fitting that we name our blog something memorable, something catchy, and – well – something kind of gross. We have fun using Stain Fu to remove gross stuff from carpet and other materials, so why not? When you feel comfortable speaking about removing pee, poo, slobber, and spew with everyone, it’s easy to make stain removal fun and easy!

In this blog that we call the The Poop, we cover all sorts of gnarly spot, stain, and odor removal advice, helpful tips about carpet and textile care, and even toss in some shenanigans for good measure. We believe it’s our duty to help you conquer Fee Fee’s and Foo Foo’s pee pee and poo poo removal from where it does not belong: on your stuff.

You might be wondering who we are? What makes us Masters of Gross Things removal? And why in tarnation does the marketplace need another !@#$ spot, stain, and odor removal product?

Excellent questions, and here are our humble answers.

  1. Our service company literally does this for a living. Our profession is to permanently remove spots, stains, and odors from carpet, padding, upholstery, tile, concrete, wood, walls, clothing, and heck, even boat covers, patio cushions and other surfaces.
  2. Our company has been doing this since May 1983, which makes our service company – as of this writing – nearly 34 years old.
  3. We have attended dozens and dozens of professional cleaning schools, seminars, webinars, classes, courses, stain removal contests, and expos over our 30+ year history.
  4. Because our livelihoods depend on it, we have acquired spot, stain, and odor removal mastery through learning and testing various cleaning techniques and chemistry over the years.

Alright, we don’t mean to brag and hopefully we didn’t come off too strong because we’re also super nice and approachable. (insert thoughts of gentle puppies and kittens here – except we don’t poop and pee all over the floor. Usually.)

Anyway, getting back to the second part of the question. Why in Hades do we need another !@#$ spot cleaning product on the market?

Because our livelihoods depend on removing spots, stains, and odors Safely, Quickly, and Permanently.

Due to our service company needs we have been constantly disappointed with the offerings of said marketplace, despite having tested and used hundreds of different kinds of spot and stain cleaners over the years. So we made our own spot and odor remover using what we know and have learned over the past 3 decades. Our customers call it “Like Magic in a Bottle”, but we simply call this product: Stain Fu

In upcoming articles we’ll share a lot more of our philosophy and what makes Stain Fu truly great.  Rather than trash our competitor’s products, we’ll prove the differences in our positive posts, videos, reviews, and customer testimonials. Thank you once again for reading and c’mon back to The Poop for more good stuff!


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