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coffee spill on carpet

How to Clean a Coffee Stain

Coffee can be a tricky stain because it contains tannins and oils, which causes the area to wick back up to the surface.

Pre-test in an inconspicuous area before using Stain Fu.

Blotting coffee with white towel

Step 1: Using a white or colorfast towel, blot up as much coffee as you can.

Spray coffee spot with Stain Fu

Step 2: Take your Stain Fu, shake the bottle, and then spray enough to cover the affected area.

Agitate product into coffee spot

Step 3: Gently agitate the area with a metal spoon or carpet agitator, working from the outside in.

Stacking white towels on spot

Step 4: Stack a few white or colorfast towels on the spot.

Book on top of towels

Step 5: Place a heavy object like a book or paperweight onto the towels, and wait a few hours, until perhaps the next day.

Towels are lifted to show a clean spot underneath

Step 6: Check the area and repeat if necessary.


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