CRI Seal of Approval for Spot Cleaners

You may have noticed that on our Stain Fu label there is a little green circle that says “CRI Seal of Approval”. You may be wondering what that means, and why does that matter to me?

What is the Carpet Spotter Seal of Approval?

If you are one of the many millions of people in the world who have carpeting, you may have purchased a spot cleaner for spills and stains. However, not many people know that a lot of those typical grocery store products and bathtub chemist mixtures you see on Pinterest are actually very bad for your carpet. This is why the CRI – The Carpet and Rug Institute – has developed a standard that measures the effectiveness of cleaning products and equipment.

Here is a list of qualities that the CRI tests for the product to pass its grading:

1.) Effective at removing soil
2.) That the product doesn’t attract more soil / cause re-soiling
3.) Removes most of the moisture that results from the cleaning process
4.) Leaves carpet minimally changed after multiple cleanings
5.) Product does not cause a color change in the carpet fiber
6.) pH level is between 4 and 10 on the pH scale
7.) Product does not contain optical brighteners
The CRI also partners with the scientists at NASA to help with the advanced testing. Yep, NASA – the space people! This way, samples can be tested with precision and from a reputable 3rd party source.
Next time you buy a cleaning product, whether it’s a vacuum or a stain remover, check to see if it’s CRI approved. This way you have a better expectation (and more confidence!) before you buy.


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