Does the Best Stain and Odor Remover Exist?

As professional cleaners for over 35 years, we have seen it all. We proudly admit that we clean pet pee and poop almost every. single. day. We get asked often, “what is the best stain remover?”

When we first started getting this question, we would advise those who asked to make a mixture of dish soap and water because it would be much safer to use than anything that is being sold in stores.But while soap and water is a safe mixture, it’s certainly not ideal.

This got us to thinking – what would THE BEST pet stain and odor remover look like, if it existed?

If Not, Can We Create One?

So we started off on our quest to create the best stain and odor remover by making a list of what to avoid.

First we made a list of reasons why other stain and odor removers were bad.

For starters, the most common thing we see is that bad pet stain and odor removers actually make the stain worse. While this one example has occurred thousands of times in our careers, we’ll highlight one recent example.

The customer was trying to clean up a small dog urine accident, but unfortunately they used a cheap over-the-counter big box carpet cleaning product. The customer didn’t think twice before attempting the urine removal. After all, it’s a well-known product sold in tons of stores across the nation. What could go wrong?

The product actually bleached the carpet and set the remaining yellow stain. It is now a permanent stain that looks terrible. And of course, it’s right in a major traffic lane of their living room.

✅ If the best stain and odor remover existed, it can’t bleach the carpet or set stains.

Another common thing we see is that these bad stain cleaners will leave a sticky residue. Why are sticky residues bad?

Well, imagine you were eating a lollipop and you accidentally dropped it on the floor. If you left it there over time dirt, dust, and soil will attract to the sticky sucker.
The same thing happens when you use a stain and odor remover that leaves that sticky residue. The spot you just cleaned just got dirty again.

Not to mention that if you have kids or pets, they will be close to the floor and may inhale or ingest the sticky residue from an inferior stain and odor remover. Not good all around.
We did a video showing sticky soil-attracting residue that bad stain and odor removers leave behind. The results are quite telling. Watch the video here

✅ If the best stain and odor remover existed, it can’t leave a sticky, soil-attracting residue.

Bad stain cleaners will also pack in “deodorizers” designed to trick you into thinking that you just cleaned something. Instead, it just masks the smell, but the stain is still there.
As a personal side note, many of these stain cleaners use an overpowering perfume-y scent that make me (and others I know) ill. Worse – they don’t even smell good. Just nauseating.

✅ If the best stain and odor remover existed, it can’t just mask the odor – it has to eliminate it.

Bad stain cleaners use harsh ingredients.

There is a huge difference between quality of ingredients – good and bad, right and wrong. We’re dumbfounded, but to this day we still see bad chemicals that were used “back in the day”. Cleaning chemistry evolves constantly, and so should good cleaning products.

✅ If the best stain and odor remover existed, it has to have the highest quality ingredients.

We are passionate about cleaning the right way. The whole point of cleaning is to make your environment healthy, not make you sick. It defeats the exact purpose of what cleaning is about. We wanted to make sure we don’t have stuff like that in our product. And guess who we are cleaning up after? Kids and Pets!
So we HAVE to make sure that it’s safe to be around them, since they’re the ones making the messes.

✅ Lastly, but most importantly – if the best stain and odor removers existed, it must be safe for people, pets, and our planet.

The Result

Stain Fu is the best pet stain remover because it works. And it works fast.

Stain Fu also doesn’t have a harsh perfume-y smell, doesn’t leave a sticky residue, and is certified safe for people, pets, and our planet.

And if that weren’t enough, Stain Fu is not just for pet stains and carpet. Stain Fu works on multiple stains and surfaces for your busy household.

So you can continue to be the best #ladyboss furparent for your furbabies and and non-furbabies.

Now we can proudly say that the best pet stain remover exists, and it’s called Stain Fu!

And for convenience you can get it on Amazon here

If you’re local to us (Livingston County, MI), you can purchase Stain Fu at Ed Bock Feed and and Classic Carpet


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