If you have been following us for a while, you probably have noticed that we always suggest to use a white towel for stain cleaning. Specifically, a white cotton towel. But do you know why?

Stacking white towels on spot

Here are 3 reasons why we recommend using a white towel for stain cleaning:

1.  No Risk of Color Transfer

The meaning of “colorfast” is having color that retains its original hue without fading or running. With any fabric, there is always a possibility that it has been overdyed. Unless you know for sure your colored or patterned towel is colorfast, you run the risk of the colors transferring on to your carpet. That’s the opposite of what you want!

2. You Can Gauge Your Cleaning Better
Towels are lifted to show a clean spot underneath

Your stain is much easier to see on a white towel after blotting. You can check your towel better and see if your stain is still cleaning up. The rule of thumb is to keep blotting your stain until you don’t see anything left on your towel. It’s more difficult to gauge your stain cleaning if you use a towel with colors or patterns.

3) Absorbent and Resuable

washing machine with towels in it

White cotton towels absorb a lot of liquid, so it’s perfect for those big spills. When done, you can wash them with your other towels and use them over and over again. We recommend keeping a few on hand so you’re always prepared. Trust us!

These are our top 3 reasons why you should use white towels when stain cleaning. Let us know, what kind of towels do you use for cleaning?


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